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Ink Cartridges Lexmark X7675

These High capacity compatible inkjet cartridges 18Y0143(NO.43), and 18Y0144(no.44) are guaranteed to work on Lexmark X7675 with fast Irish delivery for schools.

  1. Colour

    Colour Ink Cartridge 18Y0143(NO.43)

    • The 18Y0143(NO.43) colour remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge gives you stunning coloured printouts for your printing and presentation requirements.
    • For each inkjet cartridge you purchase, you also get a year full guarantee of its high standard printing.
    • Avail too of its fast School / College delivery within Ireland service every time you buy the of the 18Y0143(NO.43).
    • Every injket cartridge is assured of full capacity of ink non clogging ink, so you are sure to get true value for your money.
    • The coloured ink cartridge's maximum amount is 15ml.
    Price€17.00incl. VAT

  2. Black

    Black Ink Cartridge 18Y0144(no.44)

    • The black 18Y0144(no.44) remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge produces great quality tones and hues of blacks in your printed presentations.
    • For every each of it that you purchase, you also get full 1 year no nonsense guarantee.
    • Also present is a quick School / College delivery within Ireland service so you can get going with your printing immediately.
    • Every 18Y0144(no.44) black inkjet cartridge is filled to capacity with Top Grade ink.
    • Aside from producing great black printouts, the 18Y0144(no.44) 21ml ink cartridge is compatible with almost all printers.
    Price€14.00incl. VAT

  3. X7675
    XLEX4344 combo (3)

    Price€38.00incl. VAT

  4. Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge CREATE YOUR OWN COMBO
    • B
    • C


    • Lowest Price Guaranteed
    • Maximum amount of ink in cartridge
    • Speedy delivery
    • Only High Yield ink used guaranteed quality
    Price€38.01incl. VAT

    Buy 3 or more for €12.67 each and Save 25%